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Free Security Audit for Bristol and Bath Businesses this Autumn

Cyber SecurityBristol Technology Group are Bristol based IT support specialists who take security very seriously. We have 15 years experience with in house, cloud and site security. We keep our customers informed of relevant and up to date cyber security news through social media outlets. See our security page to find out more on what we can offer you.

This autumn, we are pleased to offer our unique expertise to local businesses in the Bristol and Bath areas with no obligation. Get in touch to arrange your security audit.

Should I be Concerned about Cyber Security?

Most small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) tend to dismiss cyber security threats as unlikely to happen to them. This mindset assumes cyber criminals have little to gain from a small business, so will leave them be. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Think of your customer, payroll and HR data. Think of your intellectual property and the IP of cooperative companies. Would you want this data auctioned off to the highest bidder? What would your legal position be if your infrastructure was the source of such a leak? How would it affect your reputation?

Insecure systems can also be commandeered and used to host an attackers illicit content. Would you want your company server to be hosting adult content or illegal downloads without your knowledge? This not only degrades systems performance but can have legal ramifications.

Most cyber criminals prefer to target smaller businesses because they know their security systems are generally weaker than that of larger organisations and often poorly maintained leaving them open to attack. According to this UK government report, last year a staggering “33% of small businesses suffered a cyber attack from someone outside their business”. Scary stuff.

These are real scenarios that we see all to often.

What is a Security Audit?

Our security audit will include a range of security checks approved by the UK’s Cyber Essentials program. We will make recommendations for improvements to the following aspects of your businesses operations:

  • Firewall penetration testing
  • Security software effectiveness
  • Server and workstation software vulnerabilities
  • Cloud services security
  • Password policy
  • Mobile device security
  • Employee security awareness
  • Security of data and assets from physical threats
  • Website security

Who Qualifies?

Any business with less than 100 employees and a Bristol or Bath postcode (BS* / BA*) qualifies for a no obligation security audit from Bristol Technology Group.

Get In Touch

As a local company, we are keen to see that your organisation is secure and that you have the right tools and advice to protect your data in the most secure way. Get in touch to arrange your no obligation security audit.