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Cyber Security and Penetration Testing Platform Launched

Penetration Testing Portal

Cyber SecurityWe are pleased to announce that our new penetration testing platform is now live. In response to the popularity of our free security audit offer last year, we have developed a cyber security and penetration testing platform for our customers to login and check on the security status of Internet exposed services.

The platform features scheduled scans and summary reports, as well as the ability to initiate an immediate scan through the wizard interface. The platform is updated daily to ensure your systems are tested against the latest cyber-threats in the wild.

As an incentive to encourage our readers to think about cyber security at their workplace, we are offering the first security scan completely free to all customers. Get in touch for your free report! We will highlight any serious concerns and suggest remedial action that you can take to resolve the issue quickly.

What is Penetration Testing?

In the ever changing landscape of cyber security, it’s hard to keep on top of the attacks our networks face every day. Our penetration testing platform uses the latest information from the cyber security community to test whether a host is vulnerable to any of hundreds of thousands of web based attacks. The process is non-destructive, but highlights vulnerabilities in your web services, firewalls and servers that a hacker could potentially exploit.

What do you do with the Information?

Our cyber security and penetration testing platform records the vulnerabilities of your network into our secure database. Historical data is available only to authorised users, which they can download at any time, or compare against previous results in graphical format. This helps you to see whether your network is getting more or less secure over time.

As with all services at Bristol Technology Group, the portal and database are protected by the latest in encryption and cyber security technologies. We regularly test all of our own network services to ensure sound security of our own, and our customers data.

Get in Touch

For your free report, or to find out more about how our penetration testing platform can help you in the fight against cyber terror, get in touch.

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