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Telephone Services & Unified Communications

telephone servicesWith the increase in the mobile workforce the need for a unified user-interface within a business is getting more important. We offer a broad range of unified communication, voice and video telephone solutions. We can supply in-house voice, video and unified messaging servers, or host these services in our datacentres.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Telephone Services

Whether you need to connect a single user home office or provide telephone access to your remote employees across the globe, our tried and tested voice-over-IP solutions will ensure you can be contacted wherever you may be, which in turn leads to greater productivity, reduced costs, and most importantly customer satisfaction.

PSTN (Traditional Land line)

When Internet services are unreliable due to geographic location, we can provide a traditional PSTN line either as a supplementary line to a VoIP service or as a standalone service.

Number Service

Deliver your services to your customers the way you want to with our Geographic, Non-geographic, Freephone, Premium Rate and International numbers service. Choose from a multitude of easily recognisable numbers for maximum impact and have them routed to a telephone of your choice.