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5 Ways You can Protect Your Mobile Device from Vulnerability

Mobile Device Security

Bristol Technology Group brings you a 1 minute video with our 5 step guide on how to protect mobile device from vulnerability.

For those of you who prefer words, read on for a summary of the clip.

Secure VPNMaintain Strict Passwords, Pins and Patterns (PPPs) Discipline

The number one most important thing you must do to protect your mobile device is to maintain good PPP discipline. An insecure password, a simple pin or an uncomplicated pattern is easily hackable to a knowledgeable data thief. Compromised mobile devices can give rise to cascading compromises across multiple platforms. Mobile devices are in effect the key to your kingdoms and potentially many others .

  • Use strong passwords, pins and patterns (PPPs)
    • >12 characters, UPPER, lower, 1 & #’s
    • Avoid dictionary words or letters
    • Avoid memorable dates
  • Use lock screen security
  • Use 2 factor authentication
  • Use different PPPs and change regularly
  • Don’t record PPPs electronically

EmailUse Communication Methods Wisely

With so many ways to communicate with each other its hard to know which one to choose. Email and messaging services like Facebook and WhatsApp are less secure than SMS and voice communication. The best method for communicating sensitive information like passwords is through an encrypted messaging service like Burn Note.

  • Check all messages for suspicious content
  • Block suspicious contacts
  • Never click unexpected links
  • Never send sensitive information via messaging
  • Use encrypted messaging services

Cyber SecurityUse Trusted, Reliable, Updated Software

Your first line of defence against vulnerabilities and to mitigate when your device becomes infected. Never underestimate the importance of using the correct and most up to date software when security is concerned.

  • Update operating system regularly
  • Update Apps regularly
  • Question App permissions
  • Maintain security software and scan regularly

Internet ServicesBrowse Responsibly

Much like human disease, the easiest way to avoid vulnerability is to avoid the vulnerable.

  • Avoid these kinds of sites:
    • “free” software
    • peer-to-peer file sharing
    • out of date copyright
    • non-profit organisations
    • religious groups / places of worship
    • personal web pages
  • Avoid websites with pop ups and ads
  • Never download files from unknown sources
  • Never install apps outside official Store

Network DesignTreat Public Networks as Unsafe

Hackers can easily manipulate public networks to infect your device and obtain secure information. Public networks make much easier targets for the hacker since you are not protected from them behind your operator network’s firewall.

  • Use cellular network if possible
  • Use a secure VPN to connect to trusted network
  • Never enter secure login details
  • Password protected WiFi is still public

IT SupportChoose the Right IT Support Partner

Bristol Technology Group has you covered. We offer the following services to help keep you protected from cyber threats when online

  • Enterprise grade secured VPNs
  • Cyber security news @BristolTech
  • Comprehensive IT support network
  • Free security audits to new customers
  • Private, secure Cloud backup services
  • Contingency planning and disaster recovery
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